Night time : Adsorb

Day time : Adsorb and Resolve

Photocatatyst is generated by optical energy

- Photocatalyst is a catalyst that works with energy of light. The Photocatalyst boosts up its energy by absorbing  light, and  generates a  chemical reaction by passing its energy   to a reacting substance. Metal complexes and semi-conductors are applied as an Photocatalyst in general but the most common one is the Octahedrite made from titanium dioxide (TiO2) as it does not dissolve with water, is durable and has a strong resistance against friction and is easy to get resource as it is plenty to find out there.
- We can decompose almost all the organics, including deadly poison dioxins, into water and a carbon dioxide by applying its strong oxidation power when irradiated light to a Titanium Dioxide. By utilizing Photocatalyst action, we can apply to various ways in our environmental field such as deodorizing, antibacterial and mould protection, purifying exhaust gas, pollution protection, self cleaning, and waste water management.

Titanium dioxide coated with apatite Photocatalyst

- Titanium dioxide coated with apatite is a substance known as a component of bone and tooth. Apatite absorbs harmful chemical substance and decomposes the adsorbed substance when contact with light activated by Photocatalyst. Titanium dioxide also decomposes textiles and resins when making a direct contact but because the apatite acts as a middle layer, it can be directly mixed with or coated on to the high molecular materials. This product can be applied to purify water and air, dirt or stain protection, bleaching and cleaning. It can also be applied to such basic organic materials as textile, resin, plastic, wood, paper.



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